The Sanyo VTC-5000, described by Sanyo as a Betacord not Betamax. A top loading machine with 7 day 1 event timer, picture search and pause.
The Sanyo VTC-5150, was an enhanced version of the VTC-5000. It featured colour in Pause, Cue and Review modes as well as a Reverse Play Mode.
The Sanyo VTC-5300 is the predecessor to the mass selling VTC-5000. A stylish looking top loader including a 7 day 1 event timer, picture search and pause.
The Sanyo VTC-5350 is the PAL/Secam version of the VTC-5300.
One of the silver styled front loading PAL Betacord models featuring mono sound, PCM switch, 12 channel presets and a single event timer.
The Sanyo VTC-6500 has many features not found on many Sanyo models. A front loader featuring a camera input socket and audio dub.
The Sanyo VTC-9300 was Sanyo's second Beta VCR in the UK. An early 'piano key' model with a mechanical tape counter and one event timer.
The Sanyo VBS-7000 is an up-market, top loading machine. It is quite notable in having a liquid crystal display.
The Sanyo VTC-M10 is the first in the M range, reasonable looking front loader.
The Sanyo VTC-M20 is a nice looking front loader. A good basic machine comparable to the SL-C20 model from Sony.
The Sanyo VTC-M40 is a front loading Beta with Hi-Fi Stereo sound. It also features manual / automatic record level controls with V.U meters and a 14 day 8 event timer.
The VRC-100P is Sanyo's Betamovie, portable camera-recorder.