Sanyo 1983
Betamax VTC-6000

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Tuning controls

Side view

Rear view

One of the silver styled front loading PAL Betacord models. It has mono sound, picture quality is generally excellent with the odd drop out (which is to be expected). Picture search quality is that of a 2 head system, not perfect but quite acceptable. Still frame is also fairly good.

On the rear of the machine, there is a PCM switch, this is used to bypass the drop out compensator circuitry on the unit for when it is connected to a PCM digital audio device such as the PCM-701. See also the glossary entry for more information on this excellent feature. There is also a "remote pause" connector that are often used in duplicator banks to synchronise recordings.

The clock can be toggled between display the time and a tape counter, there is also a memory / reset feature to compliment this.

There are also cassette and dew indicators on the front left, the dew indicator being quite common on Sanyo models and did have a habit of being overly cautious and shutting the unit down.

The tuner features 12 presets which can be configured on top of the unit. The timer can only be programmed for a single 8 day event. Record can be started by pressing REC and Play together. A wireless remote control was also available.

Being an entry level machine, the unit does not feature camera input, audio dubbing or time remaining features.

Many thanks to Marek Gorecki for help with the information and pictures on this model