NEC 1979
Betamax PVC-700

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The NEC ( Nippon Electric Company ) PVC700 is very like the Sony SL-C5 in features supplied. It is conventional in its design and comes with a wired remote control which connects to a five pin DIN socket located on the far right hand side of the front panel.

The VCR has Cue, Review and Pause modes but unlike the C5 no colour mute transistor is employed hence full colour is available! Line input/output is via RCA Phono sockets. Record operation is a single touch operation and the VCR has a single event seven day timer.

The tuner is a rotary dial type allowing 8 channels to be preset. the Clock is a simple 4 digit display.

NEC also produced a successor model the PVC740E

Many thanks to James Copp-Taylor for providing information and pictures on this model