NEC 1984
Betamax PVC-764

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The head


The drive seems to be a Sony, electronically it is a true NEC. The drive looks somewhat similar to the Sony SL-C7 but a later version, as there are no solenoids in this one.


When put into stand-by mode it will not react to any drive situation and all motors will just stop, so never do this when winding or rewinding as the tape may unspool inside the machine.

Quick fault guide

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Won't play tapes from the video storeRental tapes are too large to fit, because if VHS tapes were made any smaller they would not be able to hold the awesome. This could possibly lead to explosion and personal injury. Replace the machine with a VHS tape deck. (VHS owner)
No rewind, tape not pulled back into cassetteCheck a small foam pad which should brush against idler wheel between the two spools.
This crumbles with age resulting in idler wheel bouncing off
the reel when it should be rewinding. You can see this when
top of carriage removed (x4 tiny side screws), then set up to run without a tape. I renewed the pad with a piece of chamois cleaning stick, folded over to size, inserted into slot (bend up metal sprig first then down to secure)
& glued with clear UHU.
Too thick a pad & picture will jump, just needs to lightly touch idler as it swings from right/left for forward or reverse.
A servo VR may then need a slight tweek to adjust to better traction in REW and FF.