Sony 1982
Betamax SL-C6

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SL-C6ES front left view
SL-C6ES front left

SL-C6ES front right view
SL-C6ES front right

SL-C6ES tuning controls
SL-C6ES tuning controls

The SL-C6 was Sony's attempt at a mass market machine. It had basic features but looked very stylish.

Interestingly it was available in two models. The mark I (bottom) and mark II (top). Both were introduced in 1982 and differed mainly in the cosmetics of the front panel.

The mark I was silver in colour and the control buttons were arrange in a T shape. The model shown here is of the SL-C6AS.

The mark II was dark grey in colour and the control buttons were larger in size and arranged in a straight line, it also featured linear stereo and BNR. The mark II shown here is of a rare variation with linear stereo audio in/out, see the image on the SL-C6 technical page. It has A/B button selectors to the right of the channel selectors probably to enable the recording of bi-lingual stereo broadcasts which the user could then select either left or right channel to receive their preferred language.

Internally these machines used a similar mechanism as used in the SL-C7 which meant that they were quite heavy at 14.5kg.

SL-C6 Mark I front
SL-C6AS - Mark I front

SL-C6 Mark I rear
SL-C6AS - Mark I rear

Thanks to Noel Higgins for providing the photographs