V 2000 Stereo

User manual


Dry Joints

Like most Philips models this VCR suffered from problems associated with dry solder joints. Before carrying out anything else it is advisable to check the PCB's for dry joints. In particular the power supply section and it's linear regulators should be checked.


The VCR would not accept a cassette until the eject button has been pressed. The carriage, or lift as Philips refer to it, is made of a delicate plastic and great care is needed to ensure that it does not get jammed. Parts are very difficult to obtain.

Video Heads

If the VCR suffers from mistracking first check the voltage drive to the piezo-electric crystals used in the Dynamic Tracking circuits. Video heads for V2000 machines are now rare and extremely difficult to obtain.

Audio Dub

This VCR featured an audio dub mode which enabled sound to be over recorded on the linear tracks.

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