The specification has been established using the DIN test instructions.

System:"Video 2000", 2 rotating video heads, helical scan with 186 wraparound
Power supply:240V 50/60Hz (170-265V)
Power consumption:Approx. 50W
Weight:14.5 kg
Dimensions:Width 525mm, height 170mm, depth 342mm
Operating position:Horizontal (max. inclination 20)
Ambient temperature:+5 to +40C
Relative humidity:Up to 80%
TV standard:CCIR PAL, 625 lines
Visible picture resolution:Approx. 3MHz
Audio bandwidth:40Hz - 10kHz
Cassette dimensions:183mm x 26mm x 110mm
Rewinding time in fast forward or fast rewind mode:VCC 120 cassette 32 sec.
VCC 240 cassette 57 sec.
VCC 360 cassette 92 sec.
VCC 480 cassette 128 sec.
Rewind times for APF forward and reverse search:VCC 120 cassette 65 sec.
VCC 240 cassette 115 sec.
VCC 360 cassette 210 sec.
VCC 480 cassette 260 sec.
Tape:1/2 inch (12.7mm) magnetic video tape
Tape speed:24.42mm/sec. 4%
Head-to-tape speed:5.08µm/sec.
Video track:Width 22.55µm
Track spacing:22.55µm centre to centre (no guard track)
Sound track:Width: 0.65mm
Aerial input:Coaxial socket B to DIN 45, 325, 75Ω asymmetrical for TV channels 2 - 4 (50 - 70MHz), 5 - 12 (175 - 225MHz), 21 - 68 (470 - 860MHz). Maximum input voltage 25mV (sync level), no attenuation in recorder with mains connected.
Aerial output:Coaxial plug S to DIN 45, 325, 75Ω
(Modulator)Asymmetrical, modulator on UHF channel 36, 591.25MHz 0.5MHz (adjustable to UHF channels 32 - 43).
Output voltage: 5mVrms for sync level into 75Ω
Remote control socket:11-pin multiway socket for the following functions: record, playback, stop (= still picture), slow-motion, picture search (forward and reverse), APF forward and reverse, programme search, fast forward-rewind, channel selection (in tape position).
Microphone socket:Input
Pins 1+4: 0.5 - 50mVrms(1 kHz)
Input impedance 47kΩ
AV socket:Input:
Pin 1: not connected
Pin 2: Video signal 1V PP + 2 -4 dB into 75Ω
Pin 3: Chassis
Pins 4/6: Audio signal 100mVrms - 2Vrms (30Hz - 15kHz) Input impedance 22kΩ
Pin 5: not connected
AV socket:Output:
Pin 1: Switching voltage + 12V/100mA (via protection diode), switched off in AV setting in record mode
Pin 2: Video signal 1Vpp 2dB into 75Ω
Pin 3: Chassis
Pins 4/6: Audio signal 1V (30Hz - 15kHz) Adjustable: 0.1 - 1.9Vrms Output impedance 1kΩ.
Pin 5: Supply voltage for camera etc. +12V (800mA max) via protection diode, (when recorder switched on).
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Thanks to Steven Hanley for supplying this information.

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