Toshiba 1980
Betamax V-5470

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V-5470 left hand controls
Front controls (left)

V-5470 right hand controls
Front controls (right)

V-5470 tuner controls
Tuner controls

The Toshiba V-5470 was unique in having a Liquid Crystal Display LCD for the clock, which stays on for a time even after power is cut. It also had Cue/Review and pause modes and came with a wired remote control. The tape counter is mechanical.

Interestingly the same machine was also sold in the UK under the Bush brand name.

Other features include:

  • Rear input select - TV / Camera (line)
  • Rear camera socket
  • Audio dub
  • Programme quick select switch
  • Counter memory
  • Frame advance
  • Speed control
  • Front mic and remote sockets

Many thanks to Colin McCormick James Copp-Taylor and Noel Higgins for providing information and pictures of this model

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