Sony 1984
Betamax SL-HF100

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Top sticker

Audio info sticker

Tuning controls

Rear view

The SL-HF100UB was one of only two Hi-Fi Betamax recorders released by Sony in the UK domestic market. It was the companion machine to the SL-HF950.

Unlike it's bigger brother the HF100 does not have a real-time counter, insert editing, super Beta modes or perfect picture in pause mode. It does have a simulcast input and multi event counter. It was a basic Hi-Fi machine.

The tuning controls are under a panel on the top of the unit and are very similar to a number of other models, such as the SL-C9. A DX-Local switch was also present next to the aerial connectors at the rear.

Cosmetically it is a stylish looking font loading machine. One oddity is that it has a transparent window in the lid to allow observation of the cassette. There was also a sticker comparing Beta hi-fi to other systems such as open reel tape and fm/am radio.

The HF-100 also appeared in slightly modified form as the SL-HF100P, where here P stands for printer. This was a professional duplicator machine which was used by the industry to make some of the pre-recorded rental tapes. The P version differed from the domestic version by having a new audio board mounted where the tuner board is located. The new board gave audio level controls for stereo linear audio as well as limiting and BNR facilities.

The rear of the machine has a power button, BNC video in/out with stereo audio in/out, A camera remote connector and a 6 pin DIN AV connector.

Many thanks to Sebastian Balzer for help with the pictures on this model