Sony 1985
Betamax SL-HF150

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slhf150 front flap left
Front flap (left)

slhf150 front flap right
Front flap (right)

slhf150 vs slhf77
SL-HF150 (top) vs SL-HF77 (bottom)
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The SL-HF150 was not released in the UK domestic market but was widely available throughout mainland Europe and Australia. It's nearest UK equivalent would be the SL-HF100. The model shown above is the Australian SL-HF150AS.

The front flap houses the following controls:

  • Beta Hi-Fi Audio Out: Auto / Normal.
  • Tracking.
  • Beta HiFi Record: Video / Sound.
  • Beta HiFi MPX Filter: On / Off.
  • Input Select: Tuner / Simul Line PCM.
  • A/B Bilingual selector.
  • Audio record level sliders.
  • Timer controls.

The SL-HF150AS compared to the SL-HF77

This model can also be directly compared with the SL-HF77 which was an upgraded version also featuring Super Beta Hi-Fi.

The Australian SLHF150AS version has its TV output on VHF Channels 0 or 1 whereas the SLHF77ES has its TV output on UHF tuneable over the range channel 30 to 39.

Style variations are as shown in the pictures with the gold versus silver highlighting changes and the addition of "Super Beta" title to the SLHF77ES.

Thanks to Noel Higgins for supplying additional information.