Betamax Videos


  These pin descriptions refer to the conections at the video end of the cable. This layout given is the full specification for this connector. Not all machines implement all available options.

1Camera video out
2Camera video out ground
3Camera video in
4Camera video in ground
5Camera pause. Shorting this pin momentarily to ground will toggle between pause and record or play mode.
6Tally signal from the video to the camera. This causes the red light in the view finder to be displayed on the camera. It puts 5v on the pin when the video is in Record Mode, Playback, Audio Dub, x2 or Cue/Review mode.
7Camera audio out CH-2
8Record review. When the record review switch is pressed on the camera the video plays the last three seconds of the previous recording for monitoring.
9Camera audio out CH-1
10Audio ground
11Camera audio in CH-1
12Camera audio in CH-2
13Camera power 12v in. Note, this is internally fused in the VCR.
14Power ground

Camera cable
CCK-4MP cable
Sony K-type connector to BNC connector,
Phono plug, mini-plug, special mini-plug, 1.5 meters.