Sanyo 1985
Betamax VTC-NX100

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The Sanyo VTC-NX100 was the successor to the VTC-M10 VCR. It is a slim front loading machine and came in black styling with a bright red legend. The image shows its sibling the VTC-NX10 with its silver styling.

This Model was the last produced by Sanyo for the UK market. Out of all of the Sanyo Beta's this one had a poor picture quality compared to the previous line up.

It does though have features which improve upon the VTC-5000. For example colour picture search and pause. It is also one of the few Betamax models to support one touch record, the other possible example being the SL-HF950 with its "quick record" button.

The VTC-NX100 did not have a remote control although one was supplied for the Australian, Indonesian, New Zealand, South East Asian and Hong Kong versions.

Models VTC-NX10 and VTC-NX15 are very similar to the VTC-NX100. These feature 8 TV channel buttons with other models featuring 10 TV channel buttons. The specifications page also shows a comparison of the different international versions.

Features included:

Advertising flysheet

Following is the original Sanyo advertising flysheet for this model.

VTC-NX100 and VTC-M20 brochure
VTC-NX100 and the VTC-M20 - Click to enlarge

Thanks go to Noel Higgins and Kevin Lambert for supplying some of the information for this model.