Sanyo 1985
Betamax VTC-NX100

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Fault and repair guide

No reel rotation

This is a very common problem which can have several causes. The first thing which fails is usually the reel idler assembly. Replacement units are readily available and can be fitted easily after removal of the cassette carriage. Interestingly the NX100 uses a double idler which is much more likely to fail than the one used in the VTC-5000 and related models. Also check for failure of the reel motor.

No tuner input

This is usually caused by failure of the RF combiner / splitter unit. Unfortunately it is not easy to repair this unit.

Further Information

For further information on general servicing on this model, take a look at Colin McCormick's excellent guide on How to service a Sanyo Beta.

Quick fault guide

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Loading ring getting stuck on completion of rewind causing failure to ejectFound verticle pin had fallen out of the reel drive pulley unit idler arm. New idler fitted.
No Clock/Counter displayThis is a fault that has been seen several times and is caused by the failure of the MP1544 (Texas Instruments) IC, located under the clock dislpay.
Intermittent picture (or sound) when using the rear PHONO socketCheck for dry joints to the solder connection on this socket.Usually caused by a lead being connected and this receiving a hefty whack.can also cause the sound connection to be affected too.
Tracking adjustment can be hit and missThe internals of the tracking control can come loose.
It can be repaired using a tiny blob of suitable glue.