Sony 1979
Betamax SL-T9

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SL-T9 timer controls
Timer controls

SL-T9 front flap
Front flap

SL-T9 TV standard controls
Colour system

SL-T9 tuner controls
Tuner controls

The SL-T9 is a multi-standard version of the SL-C5 and very similar to the SL-T7. It was capable of 3 colour modes of operation - SECAM, PAL and NTSC 4.43 (II & III), which made it an extremely advanced VCR for its day. It came with a VHF/UHF tuner but was not capable of receiving SECAM-L transmissions. Under the front flap is an NTSC record mode speed selector (either II or III).

There a couple of minor styling changes between the SL-T7 and SL-T9. The tuners look the same meaning that the T7 and T9 have SL-C5 like button controls and a manual setup. The SL-T9 also incorporates a slow forward function when in pause mode also seen on the SL-C7.

The controls on the right hand side panel on the SL-T9ME have changed to allow selection of the additional colour systems. The indicators on the front panel have also changed to indicate the additional systems. The timers are different in layout and operation.

It had a "unique" black and white picture search, an audio dub feature, and came with a wired remote control - RMT-75. It was also able to connect to a Beta camera using the k-connector camera socket.

It was able to operate on 110v - 240v.

Features include:

  • Audio dub button/light
  • Camera connector
  • Colour system indicators (SECAM/PAL/NTSC)
  • MIC jack
  • TV/TAPE selector
  • NTSC record mode selector (II/III)
  • Rear multi-out connector
  • Slow forward in pause mode

SL-T9 vs SL-T7
SL-T9 (top) compared with the SL-T7 (bottom)

Thanks go to Noel Higgins for supplying details on this model