Sanyo 1982
Betamax VPR5800

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Cassette ChassisThe Sanyo VPR-5800 has the same mechanism as the Sanyo VTC-5300P. Mechanical parts are interchangeable. Please pay attention to the eject mechanism, it is easy to break, but is not difficult to repair.
Stops in PLAY/FF/REW after 2 secondsTape counter not running. Check the two belts connecting the take-up reel to the tape counter.
No tape loading (You can hear the motor running)The reel motor drives the loading ring using an idler pulley and a belt. Usually these parts deteriorate with time and need replacing.
Loss of drum servo lock in record when dark images appearReplace the 100uF 10V electrolytic capacitor on the servo board SY-1/SV-1. If that cap is bad, it will also affect playback drum servo lock until the machine warms up.