Sanyo 1982
Betamax VPR5800

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The Sanyo VPR 5800 was Sanyo's portable Betacord. Its market position was to be a cheaper alternative to the Sony SL-F1. Like the SL-F1 it was powered by a 12V battery and was fitted with a K-Connector to interface to a camera. Also fitted was a 10-pin accessory connector.

The deck controls were click swithes and the tape counter was of the mechanical type. Much of the internal mechanism was common with the VTC-5000.

The Unit also came supplied with an AC adaptor which doubled up as a battery charger and a Leatherette carrying case. We believe you could also get a tuner unit which plugged into the machine to enable it to record off-air. If you can provide details please e-mail PALsite.