Sony 1983
Betamax SL-C34

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SL-C34AS Betamax front flap controls
Front flap controls

SL-C45AS Tuning controls
Tuning controls

SL-C45AS with remote control
SL-C34AS with grey remote

The SL-C34 whilst similar to the SL-C30 and SL-C35 internally has quite a different channel selection layout. The 12 express tuning controls run horizontally on the SL-C34 rather than in a square layout. It is a stylish slim looking basic Betamax model which had remote control. It was sold to the Australian market with the suffix "AS" in the colour silver and was also supplied to South Africa with the suffix "SA".

These machines incorporated many features of the mechanism used in the earlier SL-C9 albeit stripped down presumably to save on manufacturing cost. Today these machines are beginning to show their age, however they are well worth maintaining as spare parts are still obtainable.

Other models which were basically the same machine, such as the SL-C40 which featured linear stereo sound were released but in such small numbers it is hard to find one these days.

Features include:

  • Tone high/low switch
  • VTR / TV selector
  • Tuner / Line selector
  • 2-program / 1 week timer
  • 12-pushbutton Express Tuning control panel for the channel of your choice with just a single touch
  • Cassette inside indicator
  • Camera remote socket
  • VHF channel 0 or 1 selector
SL-C45AS 0 or 1 switch
VHF 0 or 1 channel selector

The Australian version of the SL-C34 (the SL-C34AS shown here) differed from the SL-C30 in that the TV O/P was on channel 0 or 1. The VCR automatically switches to the VCR output mode when a tape is played. Channel 0 and 5A were additions in Australia to the general VHF channel arrangements which necessitated a slightly increased design tuning range for bands V1 and V2. This model also had a TV/video switch above the flip out program panel.

Thanks to Noel Higgins for supplying all the details on this model