Sony 1983
Betamax SL-C40

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SL-C40 silver version
SL-C40 (silver)

SL-C40 tuner controls
Tuner controls

SL-C40 flap
Front flap

SL-C40 front controls
Front right controls

SL-C40E brochure cover
SL-C40E brochure PDF

The SL-C40 is a stereo version of the SL-C20 and SL-C30 models. It had linear stereo and Beta noise reduction.

Other than this difference the SL-C40 was just like the SL-C20/30, a stylish slim looking basic Betamax model. These machines incorporated many features of the mechanism used in the earlier SL-C9 albeit stripped down presumably to save on manufacturing cost.

Today these machines are beginning to show their age, however they are well worth maintaining, as spare parts are still obtainable.

Other Features:

  • Stereo recording playback capability
  • BNR Beta noise reduction
  • High-speed Picture Search with Skip Scan Feature
  • Easy-setting 7-day/2-event timer
  • 12-pushbutton Express Tuning control panel for the channel of your choice with just a single touch
  • Simple channel presetting with variable resistor controls
  • Auto cassette eject when safety tab is missing from your cassette, to prevent accidental erasure of your recordings.
  • Feather-touch controls with smooth precision operation
  • Auto Rewind when end of tape is reached
  • Front-mounted camera input jacks for connecting a video camera (with optional HVA-220EC AC Power Adaptor)
  • 4-digit tape counter with reset button