Sony 1984
Betamax SL-C80

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tape running indicator
Tape running indicator

tape running indicator
Dual florescent displays

side controls
Right hand side controls

sl-c80 brochure
Spanish brochure
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The SL-C80 is a fairly good looking front loading unit. It was release in 1984 as a "sports fan" version. It was also marketed alongside the earlier SL-C9 model. They sold in the European market, but were also supplied to Australia.

These machines are notable for their dual florescent displays giving both the current time and real time counter, although this is prone to failure.

Another nice feature is the tape running indicator. This shows using an eight segment LED display roughly how much tape is left. When the final ten minutes is reached, the remaining LED starts to flash.

Features include:

  • Dual florescent display
  • Display brightness control
  • Tape running indicator
  • Cassette inside indicator
  • Normal and still tracking controls
  • TV Vert Lock control (in pause)
  • Camera remote socket
  • Forward slow motion capability
  • DX / Local reception control

RMT-222 Remote

The SL-C80AS was notable for its quite unique large remote. They may be the only Beta to allow remote timing recordings to be programmed.

side controls

Tuner setup

The tuner setup is manual similar to the SL-C30E model except adjustments of the potentiometers is via side mounted controls which you can adjust with your finger instead of a specialised geared tool.

tuner controls

Rear controls and sockets

rear controls and sockets

Thanks to Noel Higgins for providing the photographs and information on this model