Sony 1984
Betamax SL-F60

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slf60 rear view
SL-F60 rear view

Power supply problems

This VCR uses a STR1229A (IC001) at the heart of its power supply. If you experience PSU problems then this is the first thing to check. Be sure to check outputs 'onload' as the regulator can otherwise appear OK.

Deck goes into rewind

This can be caused by failure of the tape end sensor. You can check this by unplugging the sensor at its socket on the PCB.

Stops in play or record

This is becoming a more common problem these days. The first thing to check is that there is adequate torque on the take up spool. If there isn't much then the cause is usually down to two contributing factors.

The first is the drive pendulum which can cease up and the second more serious factor, is wear on the reel motor bottom bearing. The pendulum is simple to replace but the bearing is moulded into the chassis and replacement necessitates that the entire chassis be replaced. One possible compromise is to fit a small piece of plastic into the bottom bearing to raise the rotor and allow it to move freely. Sony supply a repair kit for this purpose.

hall effect sensors with glue
Hall effect sensor attached with glue

No head rotation

You may find that the head drum fails to rotate. This is due to a problem with the Hall effect device on the head drum motor which is secured by a blob of glue. Full details on how to fix this can be found on the head motor page.

Broken gear (left)

Gear assembly

Failure to load a tape

The cassette carriage can fail to operate. This is caused by breakage of the plastic gears in the side of the mechanism. Often one of the teeth is missing.

When this happens the faulty gears must be replaced and the mechanism correctly realigned so that the left and right side "tray arms" are at the same position relative to the front panel. This is done by releasing the plastic tab on the gear away from the motor side and selecting the correct mesh position with the teeth of the drive cog on rod which connects between both sides of the cassette tray.

This problem is also found on the SL-F30, SL-HF150 and the SL-HF77.

This machine is nearly identical to the SL-F30 and many of the tips listed will be relevant.

Quick fault guide

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No tuner, No video O/P, No TV O/P, tape loads but capstan runs full speedReplace electronic fuse N20 labelled PS001 on board YC31
No colour on playback or recordingReplace trimmer for the PAL 4.43MHZ crystal for the colour carrier on board YC-31. This trimmer usually goes bad on the F60 and F30